5 Reasons to Buy No Medical Exam Life Insurance!

happy family searching online for life insuranceOnline insurance quotes help you make the best decision.  They are crucial for comparing prices, especially if you have to buy no exam life insurance. Below we offer you a list with top 5 reasons to buy no medical exam life insurance:

  • No exam life insurance plans provide coverage to elderly. Finding senior life insurance can be quite a hassle. You may still have chances of getting standard term and whole life insurance if you are no older than 65 years old. But after that, you can only apply for policies that do not require medical examinations. Age limit for this type of insurance is situated around 80-85 years.
  • No exam life insurance plans provide coverage to sick and very sick individuals. Standard coverage is difficult to obtain due to its restrictions for sick persons.  Although some diseases, even chronic ones, do not disqualify you there is a huge list of diseases for which carriers refuse to issue policy.  Unfortunately, even no-exam life insurance carriers do not provide coverage for HIV/AIDS, cancer or people with terminal diseases.
  • Application for no medical exam life insurance is processed really fast. Underwriting process is extremely fast and it only takes several hours.  Instead of waiting several days of even weeks, you will now have to wait just a couple of hours until you will be notified by the insurance company.  Even better, some companies offer online sales and it only takes several clicks to become insured.
  • No exam policies are diverse and you can surely find one suitable for your needs. Do not think that “no exam life insurance” refers to a single type of insurance.  There are so many policies that do not require medical examination. You can get a term policy or a permanent one.
  • Final expenses can be covered by a no exam policy. Burial life insurance is a simple and very cheap no exam policy.  If you are worried about paying you funeral, we recommend purchasing this policy.

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