Seniors Life Insurance Can Cover Funeral Expenses!

Should we think of our funeral expenses? After all, we will not be around to pay for them.  However the question is: “Can our family pay for our funeral?” Statistics show that the prices of burial ceremonies are increasing and an average ceremony may cost $10,000. This is a lot of money, but fortunately, senior life insurance can help.

Funeral6When planning for retirement, senior should always consider their last expenses. If they do not have enough money to pay for their burial, they should carry coverage.

Why are funerals so expensive?

Funeral prices continue to grow and in the future, families will have to spend even more money to bury their loved ones. The increase is due to the limited land available for tombs and the costs of other auxiliary things needed for a proper ceremony.

A funeral home will charge clients for the plot of land, for the casket, flowers, for printing invitations and for the ceremony itself. All of these out of pocket expenses can be over $9,000 and many families cannot afford them unless they take loans.

How can life insurance help?

An untimely death can make things even worse for the remaining family members. If you do not manage to save enough money for your burial ceremony, your loved ones will have to come up with the money and as fast as possible. Remember: funeral costs are urgent expenses; someone has to be buried as soon as possible, so waiting is out of the question.

Life insurance for seniors pays proceedings after you pass away. You can select the type of coverage: permanent or temporary and you have to name the beneficiaries. You can select a funeral home as the beneficiary of your policy and make arrangements for a funeral with the guarantee of your insurance proceedings.

But is seniors life insurance affordable? Yes, you can find affordable coverage by comparing quotes from different providers. We will help you. Visit us and find out more about life insurance and how to purchase a plan at low rates.